"The Spectacled Caiman has actually benefited from commercial utilisation and over-hunting of other species within its range (the American Crocodile (crocodylus acutus), the Pit Viper (c. intermedius) and the Black Caiman (melanosuchus niger)), taking over habitat from which it would otherwise have been out-competed by healthy populations.

Despite pressure from hunting and also collection for the pet trade, however, existing surveys suggest that populations are in relatively good condition in most areas (e.g. Venezuela).

This seems to reflect the adaptability of the species, its reproductive potential and the increase in available habitat through the removal of competing species and an increase in man-made water bodies (e.g. Brazilian Panatal, Colombia, Venezuela)."15

"The skin of C. crocodilus is not ideally suited to tanning, as the ventral scales contain well-developed osteoderms. Only the lateral flanks provide skin of an acceptable quality for tanning.

Spectacled caiman have strongly protective maternal behaviour. They raise their young in creches, one female taking care of her own as well as several others' offspring."16

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